Sunday 23 December 2012

X-Files : Tales of the Chinese 7th Month

X-Files : Tales of the Chinese 7th Month


The weird incidents below all happened during the Chinese seventh month which is the month of the hungry ghosts. 

Incident # 1

SK's colleague, LAK and his friends went fishing at a lake in a remote area near the fringe of the jungle. They had to bring their own food as there were miles away from the nearest civilisation. They bought a couple of steamed buns and left them in the car for dinner. 

Then they set up their fishing gear and soon were enjoying their favourite pastime and were engrossed in talking about everything under the sun. Hours passed and when they got hungry they went to the car to get their steamed buns. Well, they look everywhere, both inside and outside the car but the steamed buns were not to be found. The car was parked just beside them and no one came near them or to the car. 

Then one of them realised that it was the month of the hungry ghost and not taking any chances, the friends quickly packed up their fishing gear and hurriedly left before nightfall.

Incident # 2

One night during the Chinese seventh month my nephew, AL went out to the hawkers to buy a packet of wonton noodle for supper. He was walking back to the house with the packet of noodle, hanging by a raffia string on his fingers. When he reached the T-junction near his house, the raffia string snapped and the packet of noodle dropped with such a force that as it hit the ground, the noodle got smashed into pulp. There wasn't any reasonable explanation for the raffia string to snap and for the noodle to smash to the ground with such a force that it turned into pulp, as it was hanging by my nephew's fingers, barely two feet from the ground. It defied all physical laws and logic just could not explain it.


Incident # 3

My wet kitchen is situated right at the back of my house with the back door opening into the back lane which is big enough for people, cars and trucks to pass through. For convenience sake, I set up a small dining table in my wet kitchen so that the whole family could sit down to dinner right after cooking without having to walk a short distance to the main dining area.

One dark, rainy night while we sat down to dinner, my youngest son who was barely 3 years old then, looked up at me and said, " Mummy, your friend ". Without thinking I asked, "where"?  He looked towards the back door, meaning my friend was at the back door. For no apparent reason, my goose pimples raised and I felt very afraid and eerie. When I looked at the back door, no one was there. Luckily, SK and the two older children were oblivious to what transpired. They continued tucking in the food. Even though I was afraid I kept quiet. After a short while, I got up and closed the back door. 

I could only deduce that my youngest son saw a "lady" standing behind the gate next to the back door of my house looking in while we were having our dinner. My youngest son had assumed that the "lady" was my friend and thus informed me that my friend was standing there! 

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