Friday 28 December 2012

Teochew Seafood Noodles 顺记潮州海鲜粉-粥

Teochew Seafood Noodles 顺记潮州海鲜粉-粥

This is another authentic Teochew fishball noodle stall. It is a family-run concern and is usually packed. The clear soup here is one of its kind and even a Teochew businessman from Chaozhou, China whom I know, gave his thumbs up to the food here. 

A bowl of soup fishball noodle

Left: Dry style noodle    Right: A bowl of accompanying herr kio (鱼饺)soup

The various types of noodles and porridge available

  The shop along Jalan SJ17, Selayang Jaya, K.L.

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