Saturday 15 December 2012

Our Favourite Char Kuay Teow Stall 我们最喜欢的炒果条档

Our Favourite Char Kuay Teow Stall 我们最喜欢的炒果条档


Char kuay teow means fried rice noodle. It is flat, translucent and cut into strips. But in Malaysia you can order char kuay teow without the kuay teow or you can order a mixture of kuay teow and noodle or any other mixture that is available which suits your fancy. 

There are char kuay teow stalls and char kuay teow stalls in Kuala Lumpur. The question is which is the best? And don't tell me the best is only found in Penang. When we say it is our favourite it doesn't mean that it is the best, it merely means we patronise the stall over and over again because we like the way it is done. For all you know, there are those, who, after sampling it may describe it as just so-so. Well, where taste is concerned, no one food can be liked by everyone. Or, no one char kuay teow can claim to be liked by the whole wide world.

At the same place is another stall that sells bitter gourd vermicelli (bee hoon) soup. Not bad at all is how I would describe it. Not bad at all!

Char kuay teow @ Restoran Kam Ying along Jalan Bidara 1 ,Taman Bidara, Selayang, Kuala Lumpur.

 A plate of char kuay teow without the kuay teow but consists solely of noodle 

 A plate of char kuay teow and noodle mixture

 A bowl of bitter gourd vermicelli (bee hoon) soup

 The restaurant where the char kuay teow stall is located

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