Saturday 22 December 2012

One of our favourite breakfast haunts 我们其中一个最喜欢的早餐地点

One of our favourite breakfast haunts 我们其中一个最喜欢的早餐地点

There are many hawkers behind the row of shophouses along Jalan Maharajalela, near the Choo Cheng Kay flats in Kuala Lumpur. Opposite the Choo Cheng Kay flats, there is this hawker stall located next to the Chinese newspaper, Kwong Wah Yit Poh selling popular fare like wonton mee, fish head vermicelli (beehoon), noodle curry and fried rice. On Saturdays they sometimes have yellow wine chicken noodles as well. It is a family-run business and the owners oblige patrons' special orders if the fixed menu does not appeal to you. Patrons can request for special orders like fried kuay teow, fried loh see fun or some other soupy noodles of your choice based on available ingredients at hand.

A large bowl of deep-fried fish head vermicelli soup (yee tau mai in Cantonese) ( 炸鱼头米粉)

A bowl of fresh fish head vermicelli soup (beehoon) (新鲜鱼头米粉)

A plate of char siew wonton thick noodle- dry style (干捞叉烧云吞粗面

 A bowl of char siew and wonton soup thick noodle (清汤叉烧云吞粗面)

 A bowl of curry wonton noodle with chicken curry, potatoes and deep-fried tofu (咖哩云吞面)

A large plate of char siew wonton thin noodle - dry style (干捞叉烧云吞面)

Wonton noodle soup - I asked for pork balls instead of the usual roast pork or char siew  (清汤肉丸云吞面)
Fried rice with additional fried egg  (炒饭加荷包蛋)

One of our favourite breakfast haunts behind Jalan Maharajalela (formerly Birch Road) opposite the Choo Cheng Kay Flats

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  1. Great stall! Their wanton mee is excellent!


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