Friday 14 December 2012

Pulasan 布辣山

Pulasan 布辣山


SK and I were on the way back from work today and he suddenly swerved the car into a roadside parking lot. He saw pulasan for sale at a fruit stall. Yes, this fruit season saw plenty of durians, rambutans and mangosteens flooding the market as a result of a bumper harvest and the prices are much cheaper than previous years. Well, for whatever reason, the pulasan harvest in any year is never a bumper one. Price-wise it is not cheap either, at RM10-00 for 3 kg. Taste-wise, well, the pulasan stands head and shoulders above the rambutan. The thing I like about the pulasan is the fragrance present in the flesh which is succulent and crunchy. If I have to choose between the rambutan and the pulasan, well, it will be the pulasan, always.

A bunch of fresh pulasan

Cut-open pulasan ready to be eaten

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