Thursday 13 December 2012

X-Files : The Dangling Feet

X-Files : The Dangling Feet

My sister's friend, Sarah used to work as a seamstress in another town before she went back to her hometown to start her own business teaching others how to sew. Her sewing classes were always packed with young women looking forward to the sewing lessons. I used to tag along with my sister when she attended her sewing classes. It was in one of these sewing classes that Sarah related her scary experience to her group of eager learners.

As a seamstress, Sarah's wage was low. She and a few friends shared a rented room to save cost. As with most supernatural encounters, the incident most often happened at night when the victim was alone. Sarah's roommates had gone out for a movie. Sarah declined to join them as she was trying to save some money.

It was getting late but her roommates had not returned from the movie. Sarah was tired of waiting so she prepared herself for bed. She spread her mattress at the allotted space and laid down. Sleep eluded her and she tossed and turned on the mattress.

When she next turned to face the ceiling she was horrified to see a pair of feet dangling from the ceiling. The dangling feet appeared to be struggling for its dear life. Sarah screamed and rushed out of her room. She dared not enter her room until her roommates came back. She quit her job the very next day and went back home even though she had not found another job. This scenario of the dangling feet haunted her for months thereafter. 

Are living in a rented room, readers ?

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