Saturday 29 December 2012

X-Files : That's My Watch You're Wearing

X-Files : That's My Watch You're Wearing

David likes to browse through flea markets looking for antiques at bargain prices. Odd bric-a-brac and cute ornaments are his other interests. He loves collecting beautiful objet d'art for decoration. He has a few cabinets at home to showcase the beautiful items he had bought from such places, not just here in Malaysia but also from distant countries as well, every time he travels overseas. David is very proud of his collections. He loves telling stories of how and where he had acquired each and every item.

On one of his frequent visits to the flea markets, a beautiful antique watch caught David's eye, and the price? Well, he nearly choked when he saw it, thinking that the stall owner must have made a mistake. When told that the price was what it said it was he immediately bought the watch without so much of a second thought. He showed off his watch to his family and friends. The watch became his favourite conversation piece. Soon, David noticed that he heard soft voices whenever he wore the watch. At first he did not pay much attention thinking that he must be tired or his imagination was playing tricks on him. But he made a point to observe and listen to what the 'voice' was trying to say. 

The voice was gruff and said, "You are wearing my watch. It's mine. Give it back to me"!  As far as David was concerned he bought the watch at the flea market and paid for it and that was it. But David was at a loss and was at his wits' end when the voice wouldn't leave him alone and kept demanding for the watch to be returned to it.

Then David thought of a plan. The next time he heard the "voice" again, David took off his watch, lay it down on the table and talked very calmly but clearly to the watch, " Look, I paid for  this watch. I bought this watch. I am the new owner now". David repeated the sentence twice. 

Well, it didn't work and not only that, he started getting terrifying nightmares after that. Finally, David came to his senses knowing full well that he could not keep the watch and not wanting anyone to suffer as he did he had decided to get rid of the jinxed watch once and for all. 

Near his home is a big meandering river with dark brown waters and he flung the antique watch into the far end of the river hoping it will stay at the bottom of the river forever.

Lesson learnt from this story - Beware of cheap and beautiful antiques they will bring you nothing but trouble.

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