Saturday, 8 December 2012

Red and Yellow Rambutans 红毛丹

Red and Yellow Rambutans 红毛丹

The rambutan is a tropical fruit found mainly in South-East Asia, especially in Malaysia and Indonesia and has since spread to Thailand and other parts of South-East Asia and South America as well. 

There are two types of rambutans. They are the red and yellow rambutans. Fruits from different trees do not taste alike. Different trees produce fruits of different qualities. For the red variety, some will have the flesh sticking to the seed and others the flesh separates easily from the seed. Most people prefer the latter. As for the yellow ones it is not known to have its flesh sticking to the seed.

It seems there is a bounty harvest of rambutans this year and as a result prices have plummeted. I bought about 5 kg worth for RM10-00 yesterday. It used to retail at 3kg for RM10-00. And thanks to the cheap rambutans, mangosteens and last but not least, the durian, SK is having a sore throat right now.

Red rambutans

Cut-open juicy red rambutans ready to be devoured

Yellow rambutans

  Cut-open succulent yellow rambutans ready to be savoured

Rambutans anyone?

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