Wednesday 19 December 2012

X-Files : The Unseen Singing Room-mate

X-Files : The Unseen Singing Room-mate

GL studied in one of the universities in Singapore. She stayed in the hostel at the campus and shared a room with another student YW. The room had two separate sets of bed and furniture and the writing tables were placed in such a way that the students sat with their backs to each other.

When they had a pressing assignment, it was normal for students to be engrossed in rushing to complete their homework and paying no heed to their surroundings.

GL was engrossed with her assignment at her table on her side of the room. Suddenly she heard her room-mate bursting into a song. You know, at times youngsters love to irritate each other just for the fun of it. Without turning back, GL told her room-mate. " Oh, please stop singing that awful song in that off-key voice of yours!". Truly, on demand, the singing stopped immediately. Nothing scary about that, is there?

All was peaceful and quiet for several minutes. Then, all of a sudden, GL heard a key being inserted into the keyhole and the door to the room opened and her room-mate YW sauntered  in! GL was shocked and speechless, but not wanting to alarm her room-mate, YW , she kept it from her and related the incident to her only much later when they were no longer staying at the campus.

So who the heck had been singing off-key in the room?


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