Wednesday 5 December 2012

X-Files : The Lost & Found Lego Chip

X-Files : The Lost & Found Lego Chip

My youngest son, KYS, loves small and cute Lego sets which he can assemble and dismantle as he pleases. He is very fond of a Lego set in the form of a walkie-talkie. He would be taking his walkie-talkie to his babysitter's house in the mornings and bring it back in the evenings to play with it at home without fail.

As you know, Lego sets are assembled from small pieces or chips which look so fragile. These small chips are so vital to complete the whole set-up, be it an aircraft, a pirate ship or just a small telephone. Since these chips are so tiny, they can be easily misplaced.

The unlucky day happened and KYS lost one of these small chips which formed his favourite walkie-talkie. He searched high and low at home for it. He also searched his babysitter's house but to no avail. He felt very miserable and then he asked SK and I whether the gods can help him find his lost chip. We told him in a tongue in cheek manner to try praying to the Goddess of Mercy which incidentally we have one at home on our altar.

A few days later, after getting up in the morning while getting ready for school, as he was sitting on a single-seater sofa brushing his teeth, yes, he does that all the time, he heard a small piece of plastic material dropping from out of thin air and hitting the floor. He turned to look at the spot which the plastic piece supposedly hit, and lo and behold, lying beside the sofa was his lost Lego chip.

He was overjoyed to have found his lost Lego chip and simultaneously he felt stunned that his lost chip could have dropped from out of nowhere.

There really is no explanation how this chip could have materialised out of thin air.

Yet, a miracle did happen and his prayers were answered!

It's up to you to believe it or not

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