Tuesday 11 December 2012

My Daughter's Trip To Nepal 尼泊尔之旅

My Daughter's Trip to Nepal 尼泊尔之

( November/December 2012 )

 A souvenir shop in downtown Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal

 Kathmandu street scene

 Prayer flags hung above an eatery

 A jumbled mess of wires extending from an electric pole

The old and rickety 'coach' used to ferry tourists. The bags and luggage were tied together with a rope and fastened to the roof of the 'coach'.

A picture tells a thousand stories


A panoramic view of the beautiful mountains in different shades and hues



 Below are scenic pictures taken during the trip

A typical brick and stone dwelling. I like the quaint-looking windows

Bags galore! Bags waiting to be carried up the mountain trail by the local porters

A view of the distant mountains captured through the quaint window panes

Hotel Lama : the signboard promises an attached bath and a hot shower

A mountain creek

A mountain brook

An open-air dining near the lodge built amidst natural surroundings

Very basic essentials to cater to the tourists' needs yet it has its attraction and it's not a common sight which you see everyday

Wow!. Looks a bit tough to hike up this rocky pathway

A makeshift bridge

Feels like dipping my toes into the water except that the water must be icy cold!

Looks sturdy enough.

A brook

The sign says it all

See the contrasting hues of the vegetation

Fresh unpolluted mountain air

Brown and sunny on this side of the mountain with snow-capped mountains in the distant

A most welcoming sight for weary bones. Note that they always indicate the sea level

This path is lined with yak dung drying on both sides. Yak dung is used as fuel as well as for patching holes in the dwellings

A milestone ?

A typical kitchen stove with the basic utensils to prepare their meals

The porters and guides were adept at cooking and skillful handymen who love singing

Yaks serving as beasts of burden

 A shed housing a prayer wheel over a brook.  In Nepal, when you approach a religious site you must always do so in a clockwise manner

Look at the mountains, they are so pleasing.

Another shot of the mountain with contrasting colours

Horses grazing in the sparse grass

A village set against the beautiful mountains



A unique-looking stone lodge

Despite the sunny look, it was cold up there

My daughter joined a conducted tour to Nepal handled by a travel agency. She went alone but made new friends who joined the same tour. In fact, all who went shared the same interest in hiking, adventure and photography. She is full of admiration for the guides and porters who were able to carry exceptionally heavy bags and packs on behalf of the tourists. On top of that, she envies them for having the good fortune to live amidst such beautiful surroundings and natural wonders. Last but not least, she is full of praise for their singing as they sang beautifully. 

The beautiful memories of the trip will last for a long time.

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