Tuesday 25 December 2012

X-Files : The Jinxed Belly Dancing Costume

X-Files : The Jinxed Belly Dancing Costume

Yvonne was very excited that she had been given the main role to perform in a belly dance in an up and coming event in town. She was busy looking up magazines and discussing with her friends and seamstresses for designs and patterns to make the best looking dress for the belly dance. Then she got a call from her belly dancing coach, Karen who informed her that she had found the perfect costume for her while she was in Turkey. The costume costs three hundred ringgit. Yvonne agreed to the purchase.

Yvonne and Karen were both happy to have found the perfect costume for Yvonne's performance.  But the costume was much too big for Yvonne and it had to be altered to make it smaller to suit her. So the ladies set about looking for a seamstress to do the alteration. They found Lily who agreed to make the required alteration for Yvonne. Measurements were taken and a time line was set for Lily to make the necessary adjustment in time for Yvonne's performance.

Then out of the blue and mysteriously, the three ladies fell sick, very sick. One by one, they soon recovered from their illnesses. Each time, when Lily wanted to alter the costume she felled sick again. One night, Karen had a dream. In her dream, she saw a beautiful lady wearing the same belly dancing costume which she had bought in Turkey. The lady was questioning Karen, Yvonne and Lily's intention to alter the size of the costume! Karen awoke in cold sweat!

The next day, Karen promptly related her dream to Yvonne and Lily. 

Ignoring the cost she had paid for the dress,Yvonne promptly aborted the plan to alter the costume. They unanimously agreed to source for another dress for Yvonne's performance. Strangely, everyone became well again once they left the costume alone. 

Nobody knew who that lady, the original owner of the costume was. But one thing was for sure, she could not be human!

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