Monday 17 December 2012

X-Files : Who's That New Staff?

X-Files : Who's That New Staff?

Ah Soo works as a cleaner in an large corporate office which occupies a few levels in a high-rise building. She knows almost everyone in the office and is on friendly terms with most of them.

Ah Soo does her job systematically. She usually starts from the topmost level and works her way down to the lower levels. On that fateful day of the incident, it was raining heavily outside. When she looked out the glass panes of the corporate office it was dark and gloomy even though it was only 3-00 P.M. in the afternoon. 

Ah Soo has been working in this office long enough to know which cubicle or table is occupied and which is vacant. When she opened the door to this particular room she came face to face with a new lady sitting in one of the tables which had been left vacant for some time. They looked directly into each other eyes and Ah Soo smiled in greeting to the newcomer. The newcomer was dressed in a chic red suit. 

Nothing untoward happened. All daily operations in the office went on smoothly. Ah Soo continued cleaning the office and as she moved from table to table, Ah Soo discreetly asked the other office staff whom she knew, who the lady in red was. Everyone that Ah Soo asked would either looked at her blankly not knowing what or who she was referring to or just shook their heads. When this went on with a few other people that she had approached, Ah Soo began to get goose pimples all over and felt very afraid. Ah Soo even asked fellow cleaners on other floors but nobody could tell her anything or the identity of the new staff. As far as everyone was concerned, there was no new staff and the place which Ah Soo had pointed out was not assigned to any staff at all. 

So who was the new lady wearing red?  Well, your guess is as good as mine! 

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