Tuesday 1 January 2013

Duku Langsat 度古冷刹

Duku Langsat 度古冷刹


A few days ago I was shopping at the Selayang wholesale market. Further down the road I came across a row of makeshift stalls selling local fruits and I bought 3 kilogrammes of duku langsat for RM10-00. The duku langsat is very sweet. I do not know whether it is a cross between a duku and a langsat but I just love the duku langsat. 

Well, there is such a fruit as a langsat. It is similar to a duku langsat except the skin is much thinner and if you peeled it the wrong way a lot of bitter latex will ooze out and you will be tasting the sweet of the flesh as well as the bitter latex. Just as with the langsat, there is another fruit called the duku which is similar to the duku langsat but this fruit has a very thick skin and the flesh is not that delicious.

Among the three I will opt for the duku langsat all the time.

Choose duku langsat with as little blemishes on the skin as possible

See the seeds embedded in the flesh? Well, just don't let your teeth damage the skin of the seeds while eating as they are bitter
 Just looking at the fresh duku langsat makes my mouth water

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