Sunday 6 January 2013

X Files : All Under One Roof

X-Files : All Under One Roof


The three storey detached house looks majestic, perched atop a hill and built amid lush greenery. The proud owner, SH, spared no cost to ensure that only the best materials were used to build his new home. When it was ready for occupation he threw a house-warming party and invited his relatives, friends and associates for a poolside barbecue party. Soon after the house-warming party SH's son and daughter-in-law shifted into the new house.

Both the son, Tom and his wife, Susan have their respective jobs. They were hardly at home during weekdays and were at home only during the evenings and nights. On weekends, Tom and Susan are fond of inviting their friends over for swimming, games, barbecue or parties. Most often their friends stayed over the weekends.

The young couple were energetic and continued with their lifestyle. Their parties sometimes lasted till the wee hours of the morning. Then strange things started to happen. A tap in the master bedroom began turning on by itself after it had been turned off. Each time the tap flowed, Tom, Susan or their maid, Maria,would turn it off. This happened again and again until they got fed up and hired a plumber to change to a new one. Well, the new tap kept turning itself on every time someone turned it off like as if it had a mind of its own. In addition to the flowing tap, Maria, who was alone in the big bungalow most of the time, began to hear strange sounds.  It reached a point where she threatened to quit because she was too scared to stay in the large house anymore.

Tom discussed the matter with his father and they consulted a medium. And it was confirmed that the big house has an unseen occupant and that she would not budge despite being offered by the medium to do so. She was unhappy that she no longer enjoyed peace as a result of all the partying and that her space (i.e. the master bedroom had been taken over by the young couple) thus she played pranks to show her presence. However, she was willing to compromise! The owner, SH , Tom and Susan could continue to stay but on the condition that a certain room which she has chosen is to be kept locked and undisturbed, just for her alone!

After some prayers and rituals, things went back to normal. Tom, Susan and Maria kept their distance from that special room. So all the occupants, humans and spirit co-existed together under one roof.

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