Friday 11 January 2013

X-Files: The Mysterious Disappearance of a Set of Car Keys

X-Files: The Mysterious Disappearance of a Set of Car Keys


K.S. has been driving a four-wheel drive for the last nine years. Last year an incident happened which defied explanation. It was in the afternoon, K.S. was about to drive out to fetch his son from school. Ever since his car door automatically locked by itself once, a week ago, he felt compelled to carry two sets of car keys just in case the door malfunctioned and locked him out of the car again. 

He remembered clearly holding two sets of car keys while locking the wooden front door of his double storey link house. Then he opened the car door and while standing next to his car he put his bunch of house keys together with the spare car keys into his left shorts pocket and the other set of car keys into the pocket on the right. Then he collected the mail from the mail box and left them on the dashboard. He proceeded to open the iron gate of his house and when he was about to get into his car he reached for the set of car keys in his right shorts pocket. 

Lo and behold the set of car keys was gone. It vanished into thin air!

The first thing he did was to check and see if the pocket had a hole in it. There was none. Then he checked the cement flooring, no keys were in sight. He looked under the car, nothing. He tried to recall to see if he heard anything dropped to the cement flooring while walking to the mailbox. He didn't hear anything. He even drove his car out onto the driveway and searched again for his missing car keys but they were nowhere to be seen. He even tried looking for the car keys inside the car near the driver's seat even though he hadn't entered the car earlier. He then went back into the house to look for the car keys but they were nowhere to be found.

So K.S. just left it at that and decided to get a new pair of spare keys but the new keys and the remote control totalled up to about RM300. That did put him off and he decided not to get a new pair after all and let matters rest.

One fine day about three months later while emptying a basket which was used for holding bottled drinking water beside the passenger front seat, he found the lost keys at the bottom of the basket. The keys looked old and the remote control badly scratched like someone had stepped on it but they were in working condition.

K.S. related the incident to his immediate family members. All but one came up with an explanation of sorts. It must have been divine intervention to delay him from going out at that particular moment to avert an unpleasant experience had he left the house there and then. Well, whatever the reason no one will ever know, only the force that caused it does.

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