Tuesday 29 January 2013

Chinese New Year Greetings Dessert 美点贺新年

Chinese New Year Greetings Dessert 美点贺新年


 Mei dim hor sun nin

Recipe source : Adapted from an old newspaper cutting ( The Star )

The article in the old "The Star" newspaper featured a few dishes for the Chinese New Year. This sweet dim sum dessert dish caught my eye and it has a happy sounding name in Chinese, "Mei Dim Hor Sun Nin" which means "beautiful dim sum greetings to usher in the new year". This is a wonderful dessert to wrap up the reunion dinner !


500g glutinous rice flour
460ml hot boiling water
a few drops of red colouring


Filling For The Red Glutinous Balls

80g red bean paste or tau sar in Cantonese

Divide  the red bean paste into 10 equal portions and roll them into 10 balls.

  Red bean paste. The Cantonese call this tau sar
Please refer to my post on how to make red bean paste


Coating For the Red Glutinous Balls

20g chopped peanuts, roasted     
20g sesame seeds, roasted              

Mix them together

Coat the red glutinous balls with the chopped peanut and sesame seed mixture


Coating For the White Dough

10g chopped roasted peanuts,         
10g white sesame seeds, roasted     
10g black sesame seeds, roasted   
25g sugar                                        

Mix all the ingredients together evenly.




1.  Divide the glutinous rice flour into two portions. Add a few drops of red colouring to half the amount of boiling water. Add this coloured boiling water to one portion of the glutinous rice flour and mix until a soft dough is formed.
2.  Divide the red dough into 10 equal portions. Roll into round balls. Push a hole into the balls with your thumb and fill the holes with red bean paste. Place them on a greased metal plate.
3.  Steam  the red balls for 10 minutes and when cooked, roll the red balls with the chopped peanuts and sesame seeds mixture to coat the surfaces. Place them into the centre of a large plate.
4.  Next, add the other portion of boiling water to the remaining glutinous rice flour and mix and knead well to form a soft white dough.
5.  Divide the white dough into 8 equal portions and form 8 round patties. Place these patties on greased metal plate and steam for 10 minutes.
6.  When cooked coat  the white round patties with the chopped nuts and sesame seeds mixture. Place them around the red glutinous balls.
7.  Serve immediately. 

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  1. hi,,i am yoursecret reader,,
    love som uch of yoyur wonderful home cooked food n cny bakes,,u r so great to share,,
    kindli can u help me,may i know for your pineapple
    jam melting moment,can i rolled the dough cos i am new n not good in handling using piping bags,
    pls share ,,thanks --singapore

    1. It can be done by rolling the dough. However, you have to handle with care because it is soft and fragile. It is better to pipe into tiny paper cups

  2. What an interesting recipe & name too ! A great addition for CNY treats indeed! Bookmarking & thanks again for sharing this recipe! ;)

    1. You are welcome, Kit. I like this auspicious-sounding name too


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