Saturday 5 January 2013

X-Files :The Spirit Of The Spider

X-Files :The Spirit Of The Spider

Mei and her family have just shifted into their new house where there is a large playing field in front of their house. Having stayed in an apartment previously, Mei considered it a luxury to have the house facing a large field where children have the freedom to play and romp in the field. Being an active teenager, Mei set out to play in the field that very first evening. She particularly likes a shady spot under a cluster of trees which is situated at one corner of the field.

That night Mei did not sleep well, she tossed and turned in bed. She felt being weighted down by something or someone very heavy but was powerless to move or shift the weight away. Then she felt someone touching her. She screamed out loud for help but no sound came out of her mouth. The ordeal lasted for several minutes, and then, all of a sudden it stopped. Mei related the incident to her mother the next morning. Together, Mei and her mother consulted a medium at a temple.

They were told that Mei had offended the spirit of a spider while playing under the trees in the field in front of their new house. The medium chanted some prayers and did some rituals and gave her a talisman to ward off evil. He further told Mei to sweep away all the cobwebs from her room. After the prayers, Mei went home and did as instructed. All was well again for Mei.

Just imagine that! Mei and her family have just shifted into their new house, so how could cobwebs have sprung up overnight ?

I'm very certain that Mei will not venture near to the cluster of trees in that field again!

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