Wednesday 2 January 2013

Jelly & Ice-Cream 燕菜雪糕

Jelly & Ice-Cream 燕菜雪糕


The ice-cream and the jellies together make a great dessert

Making the Jelly

15g agar-agar strips
700ml water
120g sugar
a few drops of red, yellow and green food colouring
12 - 15 jelly moulds to set the jelly

 A packet of jelly

Jelly strips unpacked


1.  Boil the water with sugar and agar-agar strips until the agar-agar strips dissolve
2.  Strain liquid mixture into 3 different rice bowls.
3.  Add a drop or two of red colouring into one of the bowls with liquid mixture. Stir until the red colouring is well blended. 
4.  Repeat the same process with the yellow and the green colourings. 
5.  Immediately scoop spoonfuls of the liquid mixture from the 3 different bowls into small jelly moulds. 
6.  Let jellies cool and set. 
7.  Then place them in the refrigerator  to chill.

To serve

1. Remove the jellies from the moulds and place them into a dessert bowl.
2. Add in two or three scoops of ice-creams

Place the jellies into dessert a bowl

 Add in the ice-creams - yummy!

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