Wednesday 9 January 2013

X-Files : Head-On Encounter

X-Files : Head-On Encounter

In August 2012,  YY called back home from outstation to inform that he was sick. He had already consulted a doctor and had taken all the medicine prescribed. The fever had gone, but temporarily only. He would feel feverish again the next day. When YY called, his fever had already been on and off for the sixth day running. On top of that he could feel that his body was warmer than usual and that something was amiss.

His dad consulted a medium immediately and was told that a female spirit was behind all of YY's problem. He was told to pray at the roadside that evening facing the south-east direction, with a bowl of overnight rice, a cup of water, three joss-sticks and a pair of red candles, paper clothing and paper money to send off the female spirit bugging YY.  His dad prayed at 7:00 P.M. sharp as instructed. At about 8:00, YY  called to inform that he felt much better. 

A few days later when YY had fully recovered he recounted to his family what happened. The incident happened during the Chinese seventh month. YY was on the afternoon shift and thus he walked back to his apartment around 11:00 P.M. at night. Since it was the Chinese seventh month, many people were offering prayers at the roadside and burning paper clothing and paper money as offerings to the wandering spirits. It was a windy night and ashes from the burning of paper clothing and paper money were flying around. YY could not avoid the flying ashes as he wanted to get back to his apartment fast after a hard day's work. That was when he was 'hit', so to speak.

Thus, YY had a head-on encounter with a female wandering spirit that night causing him to suffer a prolonged fever that came and went and never really went away until after prayers and offerings were made to appease that particular female spirit.

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