Saturday 12 January 2013

Pineapple 黄梨

Pineapple 黄梨

There are a few varieties of pineapples grown locally in Malaysia. I like this variety the best because of its sweet, juicy and succulent flesh. The flesh can be eaten raw or made into juice or even cooked with meat, seafood and even curry. I always stick to this variety and nothing else.

I bought this pineapple for RM2-50 at the wet market two days ago. It hadn't fully ripen and I  have decided to keep it for two more days before eating it and it turned out beautifully.

One look at the pineapple I know it was harvested less than 24 hours ago. The crown looked firm and the leaves green and fresh. The stem at the bottom was firm and the base of the stem where it was cut remained white and fresh. I pressed the pineapple to see if any part was dented and it felt firm all over. As you can see only the bottom section has ripen to a dark orange hue. The farmers won't wait until the whole fruit has ripen before harvesting because the pineapple has got a short storage period of about 7 days.

A newly harvested pineapple

See how fresh and firm it is

With some of the eyes removed

With all the eyes removed

Cut in cross section

Is is extremely sweet and juicy

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