Sunday 13 January 2013

X-Files: The Eerie Room

X-Files:  The Eerie Room


As a child K.K. lived in a small town about 70 km north of Kuala Lumpur. He lived with his family in a pre-war double storey shophouse. There were four rooms upstairs, two in front and two at the back. Now, for whatever reason, K.K. disliked the room on the left-hand side at the back. Well, you see, the room was unoccupied for as long as he could recall. It was dusty, stuffy and for whatever reason exceptionally dark and felt eerie. Every time when he walked past the room he tended to speed up and avoided looking inside even when his mom or some other adults were with him. On some days if he were to wake up and discover that everybody else had gone downstairs panic will set in because he had to walk past the room to get downstairs. He just hated it. Most of the time he yelled for his mom to come upstairs to accompany him downstairs.

One fine day after mustering enough courage he decided to take a peek into the room to see what it was that gave him the creeps. He was too scared to do it alone so he persuaded his childhood friend and neighbour, W.L.S to accompany him. W.L.S agreed to do so on one condition that K.K. bought him an ice-cream. So, the two of them, between anxiety and curiosity ventured into the room with K.K. holding on tight to W.L.S's hand to make sure he was not left alone after entering into unknown territory. There was an old dusty wooden bed that looked like it had not been slept in for ages. Then they proceeded to opening an old creaky cupboard with hinges that creaked as a result of not being oiled for umpteen years. Only some broken hangers were in the cupboard. They searched the drawers and found nothing of interest only some old story books were there. There were some cobwebs here and there other than that there was nothing that scared them. So they left the room and both of them breathed a sigh of relief.

So the next day, K.K decided to go upstairs alone to fetch a toy to play. He stayed with his mom and dad in the front right-hand room and as usual he needed to go past the eerie room but this time round he was not one bit worried or scared. As he approached the room a....... green gnarled finger with long curving fingernail appeared from behind the door beckoning him to enter the room. K.K. was stunned and stood transfixed to the spot and he couldn't move but he did manage to let out the loudest scream that could have broken glass if any were present then.

Just then his mom and other family members swarmed upstairs to see what the heck was happening. By then K.K was bawling like a baby and all he managed to do was to point at the finger which by now was no longer there.

From then on K.K never set foot in the room again.

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