Tuesday 8 January 2013

X-Files : Ah Onn And The Jinxed Shoes

X-Files : Ah Onn And The Jinxed Shoes

Ah Onn bought a pair of branded genuine leather shoes from a roadside vendor peddling second-hand goods from questionable sources. The shoes looked brand new and Ah Onn thought it was a very good bargain at RM100 whereas a new pair at the shop is being retailed at RM1,000.  It was raining heavily when he was about to reach home. Luckily,  before he went out he brought along an umbrella. Not wanting his foster mother, Ah Soh, who happened to be at the door to see his purchase, Ah Onn used the umbrella to block the pair of shoes as he walked into the house and straight into his own room.

He was over the moon and spent the night polishing his pair of new shoes and placed it at the foot of his cupboard before he went to bed. That night, Ah Soh saw the back view of a lady in white with long flowing hair walking into Ah Onn's room. Ah Soh did not want to intrude but then she felt uneasy because she smelt something malodorous, like rotting flesh in the house.

The next morning, Ah Soh could not tolerate the stench anymore, so she questioned Ah Onn but he denied involvement with any woman but he did tell his foster mother about his newly bought shoes. Ah Soh nearly puked when Ah Onn showed his shoes to her because the shoes were emitting a horrible stench! Well, you see, all this while Ah Onn couldn't detect the foul odour because he is spiritually not sensitive whereas his foster mother is.

Ah Soh is psychic and has the"third eye". She then consulted a deity at a nearby temple and soon discovered that the pair of shoes belonged to a man who was involved in a fatal traffic accident together with his wife. The pair of shoes were a gift from his wife to him. Now that his shoes were removed from him at the morgue and sold to a stranger as in Ah Onn, she was upset and wanted to reclaim the pair of shoes on behalf of her dear husband. 

Ah Onn was obstinate. He did not believe a single word that Ah Soh said and refused to part with his shoes. So, Ah Soh saw the "lady" a few more times in the next few days and had to put up with the revolting stench of decaying flesh until she finally put her foot down and insisted that Ah Onn got rid of the shoes or else. Ah Onn finally relented. The deity at the temple gave specific instructions to conduct a send-off ceremony at a T-junction by burning joss-sticks, candles, praying paraphernalia, chanting of prayers and last but not least the shoes needed to be burnt to crisp as well.

The situation was back to normal once the shoes were disposed off.

Note: The Chinese believe that ghosts can enter homes by hiding in umbrellas. So the next time when you come back home, make sure to leave your umbrellas outside your homes.

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