Wednesday 2 January 2013

X-Files : Exchange Granted

X-Files : Exchange Granted


This happened when TLG was about to sit for his HSC examinations in 1976. In school, many of his friends talked about getting divine blessings from deities as an assurance to pass their examinations. So he told his mum about what his friends and their families had done to seek divine intervention. Sensing his insecurities, his mum took him to The "Loong Mou" Temple in Klang.  "Loong Mou" means Dragon Mother or The Dragon Goddess.

Upon their request, the medium went into a trance and soon his mum conveyed to the medium the purpose of their visit. After a moment's contemplation, the medium told them that TLG would failed his HSC examinations. Upon hearing that TLG burst into tears. While he was crying and sobbing away, his mum proceeded to ask more questions. His mum consulted The Dragon Goddess as to whether his application to The Teachers Training College would be successful. The Dragon Goddess replied in the affirmative via the medium.

In his distraught state of mind he blurted out that he would rather pass his HSC examinations than to be successful in his application to The Teachers Training College. At that moment, TLG was too distraught to have realised that he was talking to The Dragon Goddess! No doubt it was via the medium who looked just like any other ordinary old lady. The medium replied, " If that is your wish, let me check if your request can be granted ".  The reply was a resounding yes.

His wish was granted!

Subsequently, TLG reapplied to The Teachers Training College twice. And twice his applications were rejected. While waiting for his results, he was hand-picked and highly recommended by his teacher with the full approval from the headmaster to be a temporary teacher in his former school. Even that application to be a temporary teacher was rejected.

Until today, TLG still wonder as to whether he had made the right decision to ask for an exchange!

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