Saturday 27 October 2012

Chicken Mango Wrap

Chicken Mango Wrap


 The mango adds a zing to this chicken wrap

We had a mini tortilla party in the office pantry among a group of ladies during lunch and that was where I learnt how to make tortilla. It was fun wrapping and assembling your own wrap from the spread of ingredients. Of course in the office, we used only sausages, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions. At home, I can add more variations to the ingredients used.



200g chicken fillet
1 large mango, remove the skin and cut the mango flesh into strips
4 pieces tortilla
4 pieces of lettuce 
some potato chips
BBQ sauce
chili sauce



A sprinkle of salt
A dash of pepper



1.  Wash the chicken fillet and marinate it with the marinade for 15 minutes
2.  Poach the chicken fillet in boiling water. Cut the chicken fillet into large strips 

 A packet of garlic-flavoured tortillas

 A packet of potato chips

 A bottle of BBQ sauce

A bottle of Thai chili sauce

Assembling the Chicken Wrap


 Place a piece of wrap on a flat plate

 Squeeze some mayonnaise on the tortilla

 Spread the mayonnaise evenly

 Place a piece of lettuce on top

 Place two pieces of chicken fillet on top of the lettuce

 Add in two strips of mango

 Squeeze some BBQ sauce and chili sauce on top of the chicken and mango

Break a couple of potato chips on the chicken and mango

Roll up and wrap around to form a roll

 A hot and spicy wrap

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