Tuesday 16 October 2012

X-Files : Time To Switch On The TV

X-Files : Time To Switch On The TV

My son, YY related this incident to us which happened in Taiwan. YY's friend TJ often watched TV programmes which talked about Buddhism and reincarnation. He did so at the slotted time for this programme without fail.  

On day, he was too tired to get up and was about to miss the programme on Buddhism at the slotted time. He later related his experience to his friends that he felt restless in his sleep and someone awoken him. Once he was fully awake, he received a mental message to switch on the TV as it was time for the Buddhist programme to begin.

Unbeknown to him, he had been watching this Buddhist programme with a host of other entities who needed enlightening, so much so that when they were about to miss one episode, he was awoken to switch on the TV so that others did not miss it. 

We may laugh now, but how would you feel while watching TV all this while thinking that you were alone only to realise later that there were many other unseen friends accompanying you?

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