Monday 1 October 2012

X-Files : The Sound Of Footsteps Coming Down The Wooden Staircase

X-Files :  The Sound of Footsteps Coming Down The Wooden Staircase

SK encountered this incident when we was a teenager.

When SK came down to further his studies in Kuala Lumpur, he stayed with his sister and her family in a very large and old pre-war double storey shophouse  His sister and her family slept in the rooms upstairs while SK occupied the bedroom downstairs. This bedroom is located towards the back portion of the shop and about three feet away from a door which demarcated the back portion of this very large shophouse. Just before this door lies a wooden staircase leading upstairs.

After staying there for awhile, SK was disturbed by the sound of running footsteps down the staircase after midnight. Thinking that his nephews were playing a prank on him he investigated and was of a mind to reprimand them but then SK discovered that nobody was around at the staircase. The night was quiet and everyone was asleep. Yet, he continued hearing the running footsteps night after night.

SK spoke to his eldest nephew about the incident and both of them decided to do something about it. One night, they waited for the footsteps to come running down the staircase again. They planned it in such a way for the sound of the last footstep to reach the bottom-most rung of the stairs, then SK flung open the door "right in the face" of whatever was coming down. Nothing!. Dead silence.!. SK and his nephew did not see or hear anything. There was nothing there.

But from that day onwards, SK did not hear any further footsteps running down the wooden staircase.

SK must had scared off the thing whatever it was.

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