Saturday 27 October 2012

X-Files : The Naughty Ghost

X-Files : The Naughty Ghost


This happened in my third aunt's house back in the eighties. 

It was not very late, just around 9-00 P.M. My third aunt and her husband had gone out to run some errands. My mother, who was visiting, did not want to go with them, stayed back to watch television. Soon she was dozing off right in front of the TV and snoring loudly. As was the norm for people who dozed off in front of the TV, they tend to wake up groggily every now and then, shift position to make themselves more comfortable and then continue to snore. She put up both her legs on the coffee table to make herself more comfortable. 

Soon she felt one of her legs being lifted gently and slowly off from the coffee table and placed on the floor. At first, she did not suspect anything as she was barely awake to be able to think at all and continued to sleep and snore. Then she felt the other leg being moved. This time she woke up. But she did not see anything unusual. She rubbed her eyes to take a clearer look, sat up properly with both legs on the floor and tried to watch the TV programme instead.

Soon, she dozed off once again. Then something woke her and she was fully awake and alert. She then realised that both her legs were now on the coffee table! This time she fully remembered that she had sat up and placed both legs on the floor before dozing off.

My mother was not afraid, instead she was amused that some naughty ghost was playing with her! Later while narrating the whole incident to us she even joked that the naughty ghost must have been either annoyed or disturbed by her notorious snoring!


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