Sunday 14 October 2012

X-Files : The Lady Next Door

X-Files : The Lady Next Door

My sister lives in a double storey terrace house in the suburbs of a small town. The house on her left is vacant. She has been staying there for more than ten years and as far as I can remember, nobody lives next door on the left. 

One day, during the course of her conversation with her friends, my sister mentioned about the vacant house which stood empty beside her house for years. Her daughter who was about six to seven years old then, overheard her mother's conversation and out of the blue, my young niece blurted out, "who said the house is empty?". " An auntie who rides a bicycle comes by to collect clothes everyday and she lives next door!"

My sister was too stunned for words!. As far as all the adults were concerned, we knew nobody lives next door. Yet, to my young niece, she saw an "auntie" who came and went by bicycle. She saw her everyday and it was a normal occurrence to her!

Many months later, my sister asked my niece as to whether "the auntie" next door still came round to collect clothes. My niece's reply was, " Oh no,  she has shifted already. They went off with their personal effects in a big lorry !".

What did my niece see that we adults couldn't?

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