Wednesday 24 October 2012

X-Files : The Flying Ghost

X-Files : The Flying Ghost

The security guard in my son's school had the misfortune to witness this incident during one cold and windy night while performing his duty on one unlucky graveyard shift. 

The security guard was on night duty.  As part of his job, he went round patrolling the school compound. When he reached a block of classrooms, he saw a woman walking towards the  block of classrooms as well. She was wearing a brown sarong. The security guard was puzzled because it was late at night and was wondering what this woman was doing within the school compound at this hour? 

Before the security guard could make enquiries or investigate further, the woman started hopping. It was no ordinary hopping. She could spring up several feet above the ground. She continued hopping towards the classrooms. Then, right before the security guard's eyes, the woman flew up higher and higher until she reached the rooftop! Then she vanished. 

This incident was related to my son by his school teacher. 
The school teacher further told the class that the security guard quit his job the very next day !

Can't blame him. Given me, I would have done the same too!

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