Monday 22 October 2012

X-Files : An Old Man Sniffing Joss Sticks

X-Files : An Old Man Sniffing Joss Sticks

A group of friends went for teh tarik ( tea ) at the mamak stall (Indian muslim local hawker stall ). This group of young people sat talking and exchanging news and stories until late into the night. JJ, who drove, did his friends a favour by sending them home, one by one, dropping each and everyone at their respective doorsteps.

JJ dropped of his last passenger at a back lane between two rows of residential houses. After saying good night to his friend and as he was about to reverse his car, he saw from his side mirror, an old man crouched down at the side of the road not too far from his car.

Feeling concerned that the old man might be in trouble at this late hour, he got out of his car to see if he could be of help. To his horror, he saw the old man sniffing at joss sticks at the side of the road and the old man was legless from the knees down.

At lightning speed he jumped into his car and sped off without looking back!

I think this young man would be haunted by this horrific image for many years to come.

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