Friday 5 October 2012

X-Files : Doppelganger In The School Toilet

X-Files : Doppelganger In The School Toilet

YS has been telling us tales of his school toilet being haunted. He heard the stories from his teachers and scout master during campfires and outings.

There was this incident where YS saw his friend, BK in one of the toilet cubicles. He called out to his friend but his friend did not respond. He just stood staring at YS and was rather pale. After using the toilet, YS went out. As he stepped out of the toilet, just a  few steps away from the toilet, there he saw the same friend playing with a group of friends. 

YS was stumped. He just walked out alone leaving his "friend" still in the cubicle inside the toilet.

It is scary when you think back. 
There he stood silently looking at you without responding.
So who is this "friend" in the toilet cubicle?

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