Wednesday 17 October 2012

X-Files: The Ghostly Silhouette Of A Man Outside The Mosquito Net

X-Files : The Ghostly Silhouette Of A Man Outside The Mosquito Net


My brother-in-law, AK, used to stay in an old pre-war shophouse when he was a teenager. As was the norm back in those days, he shared a room with many siblings. He and his siblings slept in one of the bedrooms at the upper floors of the old shophouse. His bed was protected by mosquito netting.

During his restless nights, he noticed that a strange ghostly silhouette would come near the mosquito net and peek inside. It happened many times, almost every night. My brother-in-law was irritated by this ghostly silhouette's nocturnal visits. He was aware that the silhouette was not human. 

One night, after much deliberation as to what to do to stop this nightly visits by the ghostly silhouette, my brother-in-law waited for him to come. When the ghostly silhouette came very near again and was looking into the mosquito net, my brother-in-law leapt up and kicked out at him and chased the silhouette out of the room and down the staircase. He eventually lost sight of the ghostly silhouette.

From that night onwards, the ghostly silhouette never appeared again.

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