Friday 26 October 2012

X-Files : Do Not Disturb

X-Files : Do Not Disturb


QQ is a small time contractor who had secured some renovation and repair works in an old office cum shopping mall in the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur. Trying to cut costs by doing the job himself after working hours, he soon made arrangement with the owner for the keys to the premises. 

He brought his equipment to this office and proceeded to work. He was prepared to put in a few solid hours to finish the job. He started off by opening up a can of paint and started stirring. Soon he heard the sound of metal being hit and pulled. Then he heard the sound of metallic objects being thrashed about and metal objects breaking up. At this point, he felt the eerie atmosphere and was feeling afraid with goosebumps all over his body. He said silently, more to himself than to anyone in particular since he was all alone in this office. He thought, "Do not let me hear those noises again, I will leave if I hear those sounds again". Almost Immediately, those noises increased a few octaves scaring the hell out of him!

It was as if the unseen occupants in the room  were telling QQ, "Yeah, get out now. Leave us alone."

With trembling hands, QQ packed up as best as he could under such distressed circumstances he was in, and took to his heels. 

Suffice to say, QQ dared not work at night anymore and instead sent his workers to finish the job during regular office hours. 

The unseen occupants obviously did not like to be disturbed at night !

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