Tuesday 30 October 2012

X-Files : Paying For Misdeed Of Past Life

X-Files : Paying For Misdeed Of Past Life

I am sharing a very sad but true story of JL and his deceased wife.

JL is a loving husband to his pretty wife and three kids. They were very happy and life seemed perfect for this young family. Then one fine day his wife fell sick for no apparent reason. She consulted numerous doctors and specialists to no avail. They went from temple to temple seeking divine help and drew a blank. Nothing seemed to relieve what was ailing her. Her health deteriorated from day to day and she was on the verge of death.

Finally, the family came to know of a Taoist medium who was able to interpret the problem but he was unable to help her at all because it all boiled down to karma.

In one incident JL's wife went into a trance and started talking. She spoke in a man's voice. The story she related while in a trance was very scary. It seemed that long ago in her past life, she was a man who had killed another man. Now, this murdered man apparently had been searching for her for possibly a few life times over hundreds of years in order to seek revenge. He finally caught up with her and now he wanted his sweet revenge for himself as he claimed to have been brutally killed in cold blood. He would not settled for any compensation in any kind or form. He just wanted her life, even though she might have been a woman in this lifetime. He wanted her life to pay for his life! In other words, he will not accept anything other than an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

After struggling for a while longer, JL's wife succumbed to her illness and died. She left behind a devastated JL and three small children. 

It is believed that The law of cause and effect had finally caught up with her and she had to bear the consequences of her past misdeed or karma.

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