Saturday 20 October 2012

X-Files : The Grateful Lost Soul

X-Files : The Grateful Lost Soul


My second brother is a staunch believer in Nichiren Sosho Buddhism. He prays and chants at least twice daily. His rosary and small booklet are always with him wherever he goes. In the late nineties, he worked and stayed in the staff quarters provided by his company. Every morning and night he would chant and conduct his prayers within the confines of his room in the staff quarters.

He has been chanting for more than twenty years and he strongly believes in the law of cause and effect and reincarnation.

Late one night while in bed, where he was in a dream state he heard a voice near him, thanking him and bidding my brother farewell. The voice said, "thank you my friend, your chanting has helped to open up and removed the darkness enveloping me all this while, now I can see the other side and I am crossing over, thank you and goodbye".

My brother was not afraid at all. In fact, he was very happy as he strongly believes that his prayers and chanting had helped to guide a restless soul to enlightenment and thus was ready for rebirth.

This nameless soul was grateful enough to thank my brother and bid him adieu before he proceeded on his journey !

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