Tuesday 9 October 2012

X-Files : Taiwan Encounters

X-Files : Taiwan Encounters

Incident No:1

While studying in Taiwan in 2009, my son, YY  had had his fair share of ghostly encounters.

There was this night when YY played computer games late into the night. He felt hungry. He thought of grabbing a bite at the convenient store across the road from his hostel. So he took his keys and some loose change and headed across the road to buy something for his late night snack. 

On his way back to the hostel he was approaching a tree and before his very eyes he saw a pair of legs wearing red shoes hanging from the branches of the tree. The pair of legs with the red shoes were trying to descend vertically down the tree. 

All of a sudden, the owner of the pair of legs must have realised that someone was watching and thus very quickly move vertically up into the tree again and disappeared out of sight.

YY must have walked at record speed to rush back into his hostel. Luckily, nothing untoward happened to YY. 

Incident No:2

The second incident was YY heard noises disturbing his sleep. He thought his friends in the next room were causing the ruckus. So he went to the next room thinking of asking his friends to tone down their volume. When he reached the  next room, all was quiet and there was no light coming from the slit at the bottom of the door to indicate anybody was awake in the room. 

So YY went back to his bed and once again he heard the noises. He looked for his wallet which contained a  talisman and placed the wallet and the talisman under his pillow and tried to sleep. Soon, the noises faded away and disappeared totally. The next morning his room mate told YY that he saw "something" climbed onto YY's bed the night before.

Whatever, it was, the talisman took care of it.

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