Wednesday 10 October 2012

X-Files : The Last Bus To Tanjung Malim

X-Files : The Last Bus To Tanjung Malim

This horrifying incident happened some ten years ago, the last bus from Kuala Lumpur to Tanjung Malim would leave the station in 10 P.M. before turning into Rasa town to pick up more passengers and exit before moving on to Tanjung Malim, the last destination. 

Folks staying in the vicinity said the incident happened during the Chinese seventh month. Like regular clockwork, the last night bus picked up passengers all along the way and by the time it was about to reach Rasa town all the passengers have already alighted at the various stops along the route. By now the bus was empty when it rumbled into Rasa town, made a U-turn and headed out of town again. However, at the junction before the turn to the left to the main North-South trunk road, many passengers were waiting for the bus. It is at this very junction that the Chinese cemetery is located. The conductor went round collecting money and issuing  tickets. Once done, the conductor sat down near the driver and as was the norm, they starting chit-chatting. 

Later,  when the driver looked into the rear view mirror, he realised that the bus was empty!  How could it be when he just picked up so many passengers and nobody rang the bell to get down? Feeling very afraid, both the driver and the conductor stopped at the roadside and abandoned the bus and took to their heels.

The next morning when the conductor checked his bag for his daily collections from the tickets sales, he found many pieces of "hell notes" inside his bag. Both the driver and conductor were  told that being the Chinese seventh month, there was an opera performance in the next town in conjunction with the Ghost Festival. So all the "passengers" the previous night could have been on the way to watch the opera !

Too bad, they scared the living daylights out of the driver who abandoned the bus. 
Just wondering whether they got to see the opera performance after all?

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