Saturday 13 October 2012

X-Files : Noisy Corridor In The Hotel

X-Files : Noisy Corridor In The Hotel

Many years ago the whole family visited Penang and stayed in one of the many four-star hotels on the Island. After a day's sight-seeing, all of us were tired and retired to bed early and everyone  slept very soundly. Well, all slept soundly except for my daughter, GL because my snoring kept her awake.

Soon, she heard a group of noisy kids running up and own the corridor outside our room. From the level of the noise, GL said the kids appeared to be celebrating something. As she was already annoyed and irritated, GL wanted to reprimand the group of kids for making so much noise and to ask them to tone down their volume since it was already late into the night. However, when she opened the hotel room door, she did not see any kids. She was perplexed and at that point of time didn't think too much about it. Then she closed the door and tried to go back to sleep.

In her attempt to stay as far away as possible from my snoring, she took her blanket and pillow and tried to make herself comfortable sleeping in the bathtub!.

Both SK and I were not aware that GL opened our hotel room door in the middle of the night.  She related the incident to us many years later, when she was told by a friend from Penang that, that particular hotel is one of the most haunted hotels on the Island. Then she put two and two together and realised that those "kids" were not real kids at all.

We are glad that nothing untoward happened to GL or the family despite the encounter.

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