Sunday 30 September 2012

A Trip Back To Chaozhou, China

A Trip Back To Chaozhou, China

( April 2006 )

The ancient city gate of Chaozhou city 

A close-up view of the connecting tunnel.

A plaque at the entrance to the Kai Guan Temple 开源寺

The urn is supposedly carved from a piece of meteorite.

SK's cousin is on the left and SK's brother is on the right

The Ten Thousand Hands Guan Yin

The old, rundown and no-longer-in-use village school of SK's ancestral village

Another view of the village school that has seen better times

A temple under renovation in the village

SK's two Malaysian cousins on the left, China cousin on the right at the back and brother in front

Cousins at the village shrine

A pavilion beside the Han River

Another tourist attraction known as Leng Oh 龙湖

A red bougainvillea with no leaves

The Tian Hou Temple in Leng Oh 龙湖天后宫

An old painting of the famous Xiangzi Bridge


The present location of the Xiangzi Bridge where they plan to rebuild the bridge and restore it to its former glory. The restoration has since been completed.

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