Wednesday 12 September 2012

San Choy Soup With Salted Egg Whites

San Choy Soup With Salted Egg Whites


After making the Teochew moon cakes which used up only the salted egg yolks, I have 8 salted egg whites left in my fridge. I separated the 8 salted eggs into 2 batches and placed them in a container with a cover and put them in the refrigerator. SK bought a batch of san choy, which has broad waxy leaves and rather thick stems. San choy goes well with salted egg whites when made into a soup.


4 salted egg whites
1 litre chicken stock
300g san choy ( in Cantonese )
1 tsp salt, or to taste
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp shallot oil
a dash of pepper

 Here's the front view of a stem of san choy

The back view of the stem of san choy

  There are two varieties of san choy. The one shown above is the green type but there is another type with green leaves and red striations on the stem and the veins of the leaves. Both types can be used to make the soup.


Cooking Instructions

1.  Pour the chicken stock into a pot and bring to half boil only
2.  Reduce to small flame
3.  Pour in the salted egg whites gently into chicken stock to allow the egg whites to set.
4.  Once the salted egg whites has set, bring the chicken stock to boil
5.  Add in the san choy and boil for 2 minutes
6.  Add in the salt, sugar, and a dash of pepper
7.  Switch off the flame
8.. Add in the shallot oil

Note :  You can read up on how to make shallot oil here

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