Monday 17 September 2012

Fraser's Hill

Fraser's Hill

 ( November 2006 )

 The cute clock tower located in the middle of a tiny roundabout, possibly the smallest in the world

Fraser's Hill needs no introduction to Malaysians. However, for foreign viewers, Fraser's Hill is located in the State of Pahang in Malaysia. It is 1524m above sea level. It was named after a British tin prospector by the name of Louis James Fraser. It can be considered the most English part of Malaysia as it is dotted with British colonial style bungalows and cottages. In fact many carry English names. The whole place reminds one of the English countryside in summer.  It is a popular tourist destination for both foreigners and even local people who wish to get away from the heat of the lowlands. The road up Fraser's Hill is narrow and winding. Most people head up to Fraser's Hill for the cool air and for rest and relaxation because the place is very peaceful and quiet. Some people go for jungle trekking and nature enthusiasts go for the wide varieties of flora and fauna deep in jungle.

One of the many towering pine trees in Fraser's Hill

The above photos looked like somewhere in England

The beautiful flora & fauna 




We chanced upon an interesting place which offered archery for amateurs

A budding archer in training

The coach very patiently teaching my young boy

The very cool and quiet waterfalls. It's very mesmerising and relaxing just to watch the water falling into the pool below

The cool and refreshing hills covered with mist                

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