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The Peak, Hong Kong Island

The Peak, Hong Kong Island

( 16th March 2009 )

The next itinerary on our list was to visit The Peak and the Wax Museum on Hong Kong Island. I remember taking the MTR to a bus terminal and from there we took a bus up The Peak. In the evening we went back to Kowloon by ferry to the City University Guest Quarters. We wanted to experience the ferry ride which we have so often seen in the Hong Kong soap operas. The ferry ride was cool with the evening sea breeze blowing in our faces. Yeah!, we finally got to see the real life entrance and exit points that we saw so often in the Hong Kong TV series.  

The weather was not good that day. It was cloudy and misty. Almost none of the pictures we took came up nice and sharp although we hung around and waited hopefully for a change to sunny weather. We were disappointed as our wish was not granted. Anyway, sharp or not, here are the pictures of Hong Kong's landscape and skyscrapers as captured under my camera lens while on The Peak.

 On the extreme right is the International Commerce Centre, the tallest building in Hong Kong

The tallest building trying to touch the sky

The building in the middle is the Bank of China Tower

A very modern and comfortable ferry

Victoria Harbour as seen from The Peak

The viewing platform on The Peak

Another view of Victoria Harbour as seen from The Peak

Victoria Harbour again, from another angle

The back view of the tallest building, the International Commerce Centre as seen from The Peak

Up on The Peak we saw many expensive homes and apartment blocks. You really need to be super rich to own any dwelling there. I suppose Hong Kong's who's who are concentrated there.



 Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

Princess Diana immortalised in wax. She looked so real.

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