Sunday 16 September 2012

Durian - Part II 榴莲

Durian - Part II 榴莲

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This picture of a lorry load of bud grafted durians was taken in the Kepong Baru morning market, in Kuala Lumpur which is the biggest for miles around and is usually jam-packed from morning till noon. The durian orchard owner is from the state of Pahang, with its highlands is the most suitable place for durian growing.

There is no bumper harvest this year thus pushing up prices for the various varieties of bud grafted durians. As shown in the price listed on a piece of cardboard. The best variety is known as the Musang King (or 猫山王)grade 'A' at RM18 per kg.  Followed by RM12 per kg for the normal Musang King. Then you have the ubiquitous D24 variety at RM6 per kg. The D24 X.O. variety is being retailed at RM7 per kg. The D88 type is being sold at RM8 per kg. And there are other variations whose names I can't make out being offered at various prices.

Frankly, from experience, the best durians are still those traditional ones planted from seeds. Taste wise and after-effect wise. Please let me elaborate, the taste and odour of those planted from seeds are ten times more powerful than the bud grafted ones. Those planted from seeds will leave a lingering taste in the mouth the whole day long while bud grafted ones won't and when you burp a few hours after consuming them it will give off a strong smell whereas the bud grafted ones don't leave an aftertaste after you've downed a glass of water. To find out how to get rid of the durian aftertaste click here

It is widely believed that durians and hard liquor don't mix. That is, you don't consume one and follow by the other immediately. The result could be fatal.

A lorry load of mouth-watering thorny fruits waiting to be hacked opened

The price list for the day and I was told the price of the Musang King is going up by RM2 the next day and the next until the season is over.

The durian seller's policy is to open up the durians and put them into Styrofoam containers and those that are unripe are discarded and replaced at no extra charge.

So how do you know if the flesh is ripe? Simple, the above durian flesh is ripe. See the dull reflection and the ripples in the flesh? That is a telltale sign of a piece of ripe durian flesh. Unripe durian flesh are hard and they don't have ripples and they are shiny.

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