Monday 24 September 2012

Teochew Mooncake Shop In Setapak

Teochew Mooncake Shop In Setapak

The most important ingredient in making Teochew mooncake is lard. This is because without lard the mooncake will not have that special oomph to it. Teochew mooncakes look more like biscuits than the conventional mooncakes. Below are four samples of mooncakes and two types of 'kueh' or 'lar kor' in Teochew

Teochew preserved vegetable mooncake  潮州梅菜月饼

Teochew pure mung bean paste mooncake  潮州白豆沙月饼

Teochew pastry yam mooncake with egg yolk 潮州芋头蛋黄月饼

Teochew pastry yam mooncake 潮州芋头月饼

Teochew black sesame glutinous 'kueh' with mung bean paste

Teochew glutinous rice 'kueh' with mung bean paste

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