Friday 21 September 2012

X-Files : Strange Sightings - The one-legged man

X-Files : Strange Sightings 1 - The one-legged man

My youngest son, KYS has had strange sightings since young. When he was a toddler and had yet learn to speak in full sentences, he used to point out "things" and demanded to know what those things were. Unfortunately, both SK and I couldn't see what he saw. As he grew older and could speak more fluently, he would share with us things or beings he had sighted. His sightings were most active when he was between 6 and 8 years old. That's when SK had the presence of mind  to request that he sketch out what he had seen.

The one-legged man with blood dripping from his eyes

KYS  and two other classmates saw this man in his school. One day his teacher requested  the three boys to dispose of the rubbish from their classroom which was on the upper floors to the rubbish dump on the ground floor. The three kids went about their task when suddenly one of them pointed across the school fence. All the three kids saw this man with only one leg and with blood dripping from his eyes. He was sitting in his wrecked car and one side of the car door was open. He seemed to be looking at the boys and was aware that the boys could see him. The boys were very scared and ran back up to their classroom to inform their teacher about the man. Of course, the teacher was sceptical and just brush off the whole incident because she could not see what the boys saw.

KYS saw him again a few times after that at the same spot and in the same manner, sitting in his wrecked car.

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