Friday 7 September 2012

Guangxi- Along the Yulong River

Guangxi- Along the Yulong River

( 4th June 2008 )

This is the Yu Long  ( 遇龙) River which is a major tributary of the famous Li River (漓江).
Along the way to the river we saw many westerners and many are living in Yangshuo (阳朔) and according to the tourist guide, most of them are married to local Chinese women. At night, West Street in Yangshuo is jam-packed with foreigners.



A cormorant lying in wait for a fish

Looks like fishes are hard to come by today. Might as well give myself a good preening while waiting.

The Pagoda Hill along the river

Another shot of the Pagoda Hill

The Pagoda Hill from another angle

One of those scenes that are popular with watercolourists

The tuft of bamboo is so pleasing to the eyes

Wish I could keep my eyes fixed on this tuft of bamboo for eternity

The scenery towards the evening, it's so misty and serene

The setting sun is partially blocked by the thick mist, just alluring

Looks more like a watercolour painting instead of a photograph

So captivating

Dusk is approaching and the mist is coming in

A lone fisherman on his bamboo raft

A fleet of bamboo rafts berthed along the bank of the Yu Long river

Tourists on a sheltered bamboo raft

Looks like the red bull energy drink has finally come to town

Ballooning is very popular among the western tourists

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