Wednesday 26 September 2012

Jackfruit 菠萝蜜

Jackfruit 菠萝蜜

One morning on the way to work we decided to stop at the Selayang wholesale market to pick up some fresh vegetables and fruits. SK saw some very fresh newly arrived jackfruits at a stall. So he headed to the stall to pick up 2 kg of the fruit at RM4-00 per kg. For your information five pieces of jackfruit flesh are being retailed at RM3-00 elsewhere.

Fresh and fragrant jackfruit flesh. They are juicy and crunchy.

Newly arrived jackfruits sitting on the floor of a wholesale stall in the Selayang wholesale market. These fruits are about one and a half feet long.

These two fruits are about three feet in length and they are the giants among the batch.

These jackfruits are about two feet long

Part of the jackfruit that has been cut open.

These mouth-watering jackfruit flesh makes a great dessert.


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