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( 6th June 2008 )

Canton or Guangzhou is also known as the City of Five Rams. The Sculpture of the Five Rams is located at Yuexiu Park. As to how Guangzhou got its name, here's how the story goes. A long long time ago, the Guangzhou area was rather barren, but one day five deities riding on five rams descended down from the heavens bringing five stems of rice as gifts to the poor folks of Guangzhou. So from that time onward Guangzhou became more and more prosperous.

As usual, whenever we go visiting a place we are always on the look out for the famous culinary fares of the place. We were already armed with maps and information regarding all the food that we have every intention to gorge on . In fact, we were hunting for the 'yat sum gai' eatery, and despite searching high and low for it we just couldn't locate it and we were hungry and tired. We finally settled for some unknown food stall with passable fares. That's the problem with life, sometimes when you want something it is not available but when you are not searching for it, it just popped up before your very eyes. This was what happened . After our lunch in a place that we were not looking for we finally came across the 'yat sum gai 'that we were searching for.

  The ever elusive 'yat sum gai' eatery which is located off the xuanyuanqiao lane, the sign is old and beat-up no wonder we had problem locating the place. Darn! Nevertheless we did finally eat there later in the day and it was a great typical Cantonese experience

We have to thank this road sign for causing us to miss eating the chicken dish served there

This is another outlet selling famous chicken (loe been gai) dishes that we we looking forward to. We, too, missed eating here because when we reached there it was not open for business yet because we were too early. Sometimes I wonder how true the saying 'the early bird catches the worm' is. Looks to me it is more like 'the early bird catches no chicken.' but all is not lost as we settled for the outlet next door serving great noodles.

This is a portion of the famous shang xia jiu lu 上下九路 which is a famous long stretch of commercial street that never sleeps. A part of the road is encased in glass showing the history of the road and the type of materials used to pave it over the centuries.

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