Wednesday 19 September 2012

The Bungalow Where We Stayed While In Fraser's Hill

The Bungalow Where We Stayed While in Fraser's Hill

  (November 2006)
 Such a beautiful bungalow built on spacious ground with idyllic surroundings. Looks like it is located somewhere in England.

We stayed in a bungalow owned by the company which I work for and of course it is free of charge and is available to a certain category of company staff only. The bungalow is very spacious and very comfortable. It's fully furnished and is well maintained by a caretaker and his family. The caretaker has a set menu for both local and western food and they cater for breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner and even steamboat and barbecue. Of course it comes with a price.

Let me show you the comforts of the bungalow................

The verandah for relaxation, to read quietly or just to watch the idyllic surroundings and enjoy the cooling breeze

The lounge is equipped with a TV and a VCD player. It even has a cozy fireplace at the back

A writing table and the kitchen in the back. 
The kitchen is well equipped with a giant-size fridge, a microwave oven, pots and pans and a full set of crockery and wine glasses each

One of the bedrooms with twin beds. It comes with an attached bath

The master bedroom with a queen size bed with attached bath

A sofa set inside the bedroom

The dining room with a dining table for eight

The sitting room from another angle

Another bedroom which comes with an attached bath as well

The sofa set inside the bedroom

The door leading to the verandah

The beautiful blooms around the bungalow

A lone strawberry with a tiny white moth hanging on to it

When night falls, we had to keep the doors and windows tightly closed, otherwise we will be inundated with all sorts of insects flying into the bungalow.

A grasshopper which I have never seen before 

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